The 2020 Copa Madrid Cup hosted by SDRM Elite will be played on January 4th and 5th in San Diego, California.


January 4th & 5th will be played with Boys and Girls ages 2011 to 2006 and participating teams will battle for medals and trophies.

The tournament is sanctioned by Cal South and is open to all US Soccer Federation registered teams.  For the past four year's we've had to turn away teams in most age groups.  We can accommodate coaches with two or three teams on the same weekend.

Copa Madrid is open to all US Soccer club\teams; Cal South, US Club, and AYSO teams.

Please sign up early, our tournament will be limited to 130 teams.

Fees for our tournament will be: 2011-2010 $589, 2009-2006 $650.  Register for the 2020 Copa Madrid Cup using the GotSoccer system links on the right.

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