2020 Copa Madrid - San Bernardino, California

The 2021 Copa Madrid Cup hosted by SDRM Elite will be played on March 13 and 14th in San Diego, California. 


The tournament is a Cal South Sanctioned tournament, Class 1 and it is open for all Boys and Girls born 2014 to 2002 and participating teams will battle for medals and trophies.

Teams from Cal South, USYS (Arizona, Nevada, and all other states), US Club and AYSO Select\Extra teams are welcome.


For the past four years we've had to turn away teams in most age groups.


We can accommodate coaches with two or three teams. Please sign up early, our tournament will be limited to 80 teams. 


Ages: Boys and Girls 2014-2002
Registration Fees:
11v11 $475 plus $35 Ref fees
9v9 2011-2010 $425 plus $30 Ref fees
7v7 2012-2014 $425 plus $30 Ref fees
4v4 2017-2015 $225 plus $25 Ref fees

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