General Questions

1. When was the club founded?

The club was founded in 2014.

2. What is the mission of the club?

The objective of SDRMElite is to develop, promote, and govern the game of soccer.

3. What are the goals of the club?

Our goal for every season is to create an environment where children can continue to learn and enjoy the game.  Our goal is to see new players join the sport and retain as many existing players as possible.  This means providing opportunities to all children to play a level commensurate with their ability while making the game fun and enjoyable.  We are also focused on improving communication and transparency within the club so everyone has an understanding of the opportunities for their children as well as information on the goals and processes within the club.

4. How many players are there in the club?

We expect to have over 500 children play soccer in our program this year.

5. What are the different programs the club offers?

SDRMELITE Soccer Club offers two levels of play:

A.  Our recreational program, is geared to players who are either just beginning to play soccer or who want to play on a recreational or seasonal basis.  The program runs from January through November.  For our program, practices are held on weeknights at our volunteer coaches’ discretion and games are mostly held on Saturdays.

B.  Our travel program is for players who want to play at a competitive level.  We offer programs for ages 7-20.  The travel program typically runs year round.  Players are chosen for this program through a tryout process.

6. How do I register?

Registration for SDRMElite begins every year in January and closes November 1.

7. How are teams formed?

Once registration closes, teams are formed around our Head Coaches.  We try to keep children from the same playing level as best we can. 

8. What are the age groups?

Teams are formed by year of birth. (i.e. 2004, 2005, 2006…)

9. Where are the game and practices held?

The games and practices are held throughout San Diego County Parks and school fields.  Practices are on weeknights, scheduled by your coach at his/her discretion.  Games are mostly on Saturdays, scheduled by Presidio/SDDA.  We cannot take special schedule requests from players in order to play.

10. Can I change teams so my child can play with their friends?

We understand parents’ desire to have their children with their friends, however with the number of children in the program, we cannot guarantee these requests.  You are welcome to send such requests to our division directors for consideration, but you must be willing to play soccer regardless of which team your child is assigned to play on.

11. What is Player Enhancement and are we required to attend?

The club believes that providing proper instruction to both our coaches and players is critical to improving the enjoyment and skill of our players.  As such, we have contracted with Gallos Blancos of Queretaro trainers to provide professional instruction to our players and coaches.  There is no additional cost for this training.  We highly encourage all players and coaches to attend and actively participate in these sessions.

12. How are teams formed?

Tryouts are typically held in January for the following season.  We do hold tryouts in the fall for children from 7-13 who may be interested in joining the travel program for the spring.

During the tryout, players are evaluated and given a numeric score.  After the tryout, we rank players and form teams based on ability demonstrated at the tryout.

13. How much does it cost to play travel?

Cost to travel vary based on the amount of tournaments the team plays.  The costs for tournaments range from $300 - $1,500. Hotel fees are not included.

14. How far do teams travel?

Travel teams play in a variety of States and 12 league games will be played unless you are playing SDDA which may vary in amount.  Each season teams will play a total of 12 league matches.  6 will be at home and 6 will be away. 

15. How many times a week do teams practice?

Teams typically practice twice a week.  Small sided teams will practice once with a professional trainer and once with their coach.




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